Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Poem Writing Year #155 - Spaceships

Can you guess what toy this poem describes?  

If you guessed LEGOs, then you are right!  When our eldest was a baby, I remember reading an article full of toy-buying advice.  The article stated that the best toys for children are ones where the child does 90% of the work, and the toy does 10% of the work.  Dress up clothes, blocks, (quiet) trucks and vehicles, dolls, art supplies, small animals, building sets, and yes...LEGOs all fit into this category.

One of my favorite sounds these days is the sound of Henry rifling through his own bin of LEGOs.  It is music.

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  1. All my 11 year-old wants for a gift is Lego. He likes the Star Wars ones now and will build the ones on the box and loves them...He also uses the pieces in other ways and I am amazed at how creative he is. When he was younger, he made hockey sheep. White and black lego were the bodies but they wore different color Lego jerseys....we always laugh about the hockey sheep. Great poem...thanks!