Friday, September 3, 2010

Poetry Friday & #156 - Her Voice

I have been writing "poems about poems" for the past few months of Poetry Fridays, and today brings #15.  While I'm not sure how long this line of poems will last, it will continue for as long as it has breath.

For those of you who are new to Poetry Friday, I welcome you!  Poetry Friday is a weekly event in the kidlitosphere.  On this day, children's book bloggers share all things poetic, and we all link to each other so that readers can find an easy menu of what is happening poetry-wise on this day.  Each Friday is hosted by one blogger, and you can see this list on the right hand side of my blog as well as others' blogs.  You can read more about this day and how it evolved over at Chicken Spaghetti.

Here at The Poem Farm, school is starting up again, and with school comes a hopeful bit of freshness into Poetry Fridays.  Today I invite all of you: teachers, students, families, everyone, to share your work here on a Poetry Friday.  Just like last spring, I hope to feature teachers' poetry ideas, students' poems, charts, photographs, publishing ideas, anything poetic! 

Remembering back, the very first of these was a poetry video by Olivia Brumfield and Marcus Middleton, "Poetry From the Soul" contributed by fifth grade teacher Kyle Leonard in Caledonia-Mumford.  We were fortunate enough to visit Country Parkway's "Poem in Your Pocket Day" and to see Susan Kellner's "poet tree".  Students from many schools shared their work, and teachers contributed to the pot of nourishing poetry plans.  Just thinking about this has me wishing to reread these posts, so I promise to link to them all along the right hand side sometime during the fall.

But for today...please consider sharing  a student poem or a writing idea on a Poetry Friday.  I welcome you!  Yesterday I received a note from a kindergarten class in Texas who has something they are already planning to share with us, and I look forward to learning from all of you.  My e-mail address is amy at amylv dot com if you are interested.

You can find today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Susan Writes.

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  1. I love the rhythm! It makes me feel like dancing :)

  2. Thank you, Cecilia! I think that you deserve to dance. :)

  3. I love having Robert Frost's and Sara Teasdale's and Emily Dickinson's words swirling around in my head!

  4. This is great, Amy! Everyone should have a poet speaking to them now and then. :)