Monday, September 13, 2010

My Poem Writing Year #166 - Class Pet

by Amy LV


Welcome to another themed poetry week here at The Poem Farm.  So far, we've had "TV Turn Off Week" back in April and "Free Verse Week" in July.   This past Saturday began "Animal Week".

Today's poem grew from two stories.  The first I told in yesterday's post, about the death of Gus.  The second story involves my own children.  Right before school began last week, we went to visit their classrooms.  In  Henry's room, we could see a fish tank full of water.  Rocks.  Bubbler.  Plant.  No fish.  All the same, my three children danced around the room, "Class pet!  Class pet!  Henry has a class pet!'  Henry looked in the tank proudly.  Soon the fish would come.  And they did, three small fish to call grade three home.

I believe in pets.  At home and in school.  Learning to care for something vulnerable teaches kindness and putting others first.  For children who don't have pets at home, it's especially important; a pet always listens.

Students - this image of my children all excited about a tank full of water stuck with me.  I have thought about it many times during the week, and the combination of this and remembering Gus two days ago melted into a new poem idea.  Sometimes an idea takes a while to form itself, kind of like the way rings grow around and around until suddenly there stands a big tree.  Listen to those little grains, the small bits.  If you gather enough of them, they might surprise you!

A hearty "Good day!" to all students at Iroquois Intermediate who may be listening to this poem on the announcements today.  And a wonderful Monday to all classrooms of students and teachers who may be visiting on SMART boards or in computer labs.  Please let me know if you have ideas or suggestions as to how this little blog might help you find more poetry in you and around you.  I'm open to suggestions!

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  1. i love it really. :)
    sofea, 6 years old.

  2. Sofea,
    Thank you very much for your compliment! It means a lot to me that you like the poem. It was fun to pretend to be a class pet. When I was a teacher, our class had a guinea pig named Alice!
    Your Friend,