Sunday, September 12, 2010

MyPoWriYe #165 - She'd Tell You

Magda (Sandy)
? - 2010
Photo by Larry Leaven

This poem is dedicated to Magda (Sandy), who lived with us for a few weeks in 2008 and who died at the end of this summer.  I wrote a bit about her on Mother's Day, how she was dropped off on our road and cared for so many kittens.  We are happy that she was able to live her last two years in such comfort and love with our good friends.

Students - a poem is a meaningful way to remember someone who has died.  Often, people read poems at funerals or tuck poems into cards of a deceased person's family members.  Writing a poem about someone does help us keep that person (or animal) alive in a small way.  It also helps us heal.  And while this poem does not describe everything about Sandy, it attempts to give words to "catness".

My friend, first grade teacher Susan Keller, of Harold O. Brumsted Elementary in Holland, NY, once had a hermit crab as a class pet.  When Gus died, the children wrote poems about him and shared them with each other.  The children formed a line and each took a turn touching his shell and saying goodbye.  As teachers, we create rituals and routines that teach our students how to show reverence and care for all beings, large and small.

Rest in peace, Magda (Sandy).

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  1. A sweet poem to remember sweet Sandy...

  2. Amy, thank you for recognizing our sweet Magda (Sandy), both on Mother's Day and in this most recent remembrance. She added much to our home and we miss her gentle spirit and confident countenance. I remember when our first Vizsla died suddenly. Our son Ian was in 8th grade and wrote the most beautiful poem that captured the spirit of our dog, Bodri, and his feelings regarding the loss of his friend and "brother". Poetry allows us to capture our feelings and release them through the power of words. Of course, you already knew that! Write on, my friend!

  3. Mary Lee and Larry, Thank you for your was good to think about Sandy. Larry - I feel lucky to have a pet friend in you. Have a lovely week ahead! A.