Saturday, September 4, 2010

MyPoWriYe #157 - No Two the Same

by Amy LV

It is said that people are intrigued by and write about the same topics over and over again.  I love thinking and writing about snowflakes all over the world, in piles at the end of driveways and in swirling storms...all different.  It amazes me, and I wonder how it can be possible.  Yet I, too, believe.

Students - it's very interesting to reread your old notebooks and poems and stories to discover what your life-topics are.  What crops up again and again?  What might this say about you?  How might you approach the same topics from a different angle?

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  1. Weston Woods created a beautiful, joyful film expanding and bringing to life the Caldecott winning _Snowflake Bentley_. I learned so much from this about snowflakes, the soul of an artist, and the heart of a community.