Friday, October 8, 2010

Poetry Friday & #192 - Write Your Poem

This is #19 in my series of poems about poems!

Teachers - today you will notice that I have linked to each of The Poem Farm's previous Classroom Poetry Peeks in the right hand column of this blog, right after my most recent poetry posts.  A Poetry Peek is a field trip to a classroom, an opportunity to learn how one poetry-loving teacher and class wrap their arms around each other in a big fat poetry hug.  Next week we welcome a fourth grade class in this Poetry Friday spot.  But until then, please know that this will be a growing location in the right hand column, a place you can visit to find ways to thread poetry through your hours and days of teaching.  Do be sure to scroll past my poems for the classroom visits.  As always, I invite you to join this growing list of classrooms who have welcomed such a peek!  (If you tried to click through the Peeks this morning and realized they were mislinked, I am sorry!  Thank you to Sallye in Texas for bringing this to my attention.  All is well now.)

Carol is hosting this week's Poetry Friday over at Carol's Corner.  Tumble on over for a romp in words throughout the Kidlitosphere.  If you scroll back a post at Carol's blog, you can learn about the upcoming CYBILS awards too.  Don't miss the latest nominations for the CYBILS poetry award.  (I am excited to report that SHARING THE SEASONS by Lee Bennett Hopkins has already been nominated.) If you would like to nominate a book in any category, just read the nomination rules.  You have until October 15.

If you would like to know more about Poetry Friday, check out the recent archives and upcoming schedule over at Kidlitosphere Central.

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  1. A big fat poetry hug to you, Amy. How cool is it that your old friend is now teaching my new daughter? It's so...karmic!

    I enjoyed the rhyme of 'confetti' and 'ready.' : ) That must be one of the hardest ideas for kids (and grownups) who aren't "natural" poets: that the best poems are both randomly tossed confetti that someone has taken sweet time to arrange--with the breath of her heart.

  2. Heidi, Thank you for the big fat poetry hug! And for the rhyme-compliment too...I was excited about that one. It is strange how poems come. I so love having found this community of poetry friends to talk with. Happy weekend! A.

  3. Throwing words like confetti -- pure FUN! My fun will come tomorrow when I dabble my way back through your poems. I've missed visiting here! I can't wait to see what gems I'll find!

  4. Oh, Mary Lee! I am glad that you sound well. (All of those exclamation marks give you away.) Happy browsing around. A hug awaits you! A.

  5. Okay. Now you've done it. You're fast becoming everyone's new favorite know it. ;-)

    Seriously, you're turning us all in to Amy-addicts. We can't get enough of your poems. I'm sitting here trying to work on my own poems...and here I am, back again, sneaking in another peek at one of yours...

  6. Oh, Charles! You are my midnight friend for sure! Hee hee. Thank you, from one bat to another. :) A.

  7. I loved the confetti too, Amy. And the planting/enchanting -- wonderful pair of words to communicate the richness of poetry.