Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hopeful Apples - MyPoWriYe #193

Jars of Cider 2009
Photo by Georgia LV

Once again, I am wondering what inanimate objects think about.  Once again, these wonderings have become a mask poem. It makes me happy to do this!

Here at Heart Rock Farm, it's cider-making season, and we've got our press out in full swing.  Weather is beautiful, trees are full, mouths are thirsty.  Happy fall to all!

If you are curious about hand crank cider presses and how they work, you can read and learn about these beautiful workhorses here at Happy Valley Ranch Cider Presses.  Our press arrived in several boxes from this very place six years ago.

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  1. Another delicious poem, Amy!
    Love it! Every tasty word!

  2. We were psyched to find Arkansas Blacks at the farmer's market today. Best. Apples. Ever.

  3. What a fun little poem. Very tasty indeed!

    I've just been googling my heart out doing research after investing in my very own press this year (at last!) and came across this post. My press is a Happy Valley Ranch model too (the Homesteader), however, I purchased through Simply Cider Presses as they had it for a better price (I don't know if that link will work!)

    I'm like a giddy school boy and can't wait to give it it's first use! Keep up the good writing.

    Matthew T.