Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spring Drink - My Poem Writing Year #194

Autumn is cider-making time, cider-drinking time, and earlier this week I got to thinking about the drinks of the seasons.  Autumn was done.  Winter was easy.  Summer, a snap.  But what about spring?  Spring did not seem to have a drink of its own.

I called my great-cook-and-party-hostess-extraordinaire-friend Micki to ask her, "Does spring have a drink?"  She replied, "No...not unless you count rain."

So, thank you, Micki...for the inspiration for today's poem!  Nope, it's not about this current Western New York season.  But we can write about any time of year...any time!

Students - this poem sprouted up from something that was missing.  What do you notice seems to be missing?  That empty space may be a great spot for the beginning of a poem!

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