Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Camping Poem - #233 is in a Sleeping Bag

by Amy LV

Here at home, we were just talking about how our vacations next year will be camping vacations.  There is nothing like sleeping in a tent, waking to the birds and the sound of a creek flowing nearby, nothing like leaving your watch in the car and eating food with a hint of woodsmoke, nothing like singing late into the night together and in the wild.  Next year: camping!

Students - this poem is full of one-line repetition.  I'm sure you noticed it.  Sometimes it is just fun to do that, repeat one line over and over again...and then at the end...change it up, and end your list with a bit of a twist!

For a fabulous poetry book about all things camping, read Kristine O'Connell George's TOASTING MARSHMALLOWS.  While you're at it, paddle on over to her extensive and beautiful website, full of book lists, stories about Kristine's books, poems, writing tips, video, and more.  Bring a mug of cocoa, and nestle right in.

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  1. Amy, I am trying to reach you...I'm Mrs. Patchett your old OLS teacher! I would like to contact you about a poetry project grant I'm writing. Please contact me at

  2. Mrs. Patchett, I will call you! How exciting! A.