Friday, November 19, 2010

Poetry Friday & Like a Butterfly - #234

Stillness & Symmetry
Photo by Bruce VanDerwater 

This is poem #25 in a Friday series of poems about poems.

Students - Today I feel grateful to be at NCTE, a conference for English teachers, learning about poetry from all kinds of experts, poets and professors, teachers and librarians.  We teachers and writers are always trying to learn more, just as you learn in school and home each day.  And we are very lucky to have this opportunity.  In some places of the world, children and adults do not have the chance to learn to read, write, draw, play an instrument, or delve into math.  Our chances to learn are gifts, just like little butterflies that quietly land on us.  We must take good care of such gifts.

One thing you may have noticed is that I have been comparing poems to all kinds of things over the past six months of poem-poems: hitchhikers, butterflies, scared animals, healers...  I adore metaphors.

Diane is hosting Poetry Friday today over at Random Noodling.  Head on over to learn about today's poetry offerings all throughout the KidLitosphere!  If you are a new Poetry Friday visitor, please know that you are always welcome to join in, posting and sharing about poetry on any Friday and linking right in.

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  1. "Nets to catch the wind!"

    Catch all you can at NCTE
    and set it free
    in poetry!

  2. Lovely the suggestion that the poem arrives already catapillar moments of the past was it conceived and then...

  3. Toby & Charles, NCTE was great. I thought about you both and am excited to post the NCTE notables early next week. So many fabulous books! A.
    Jeannette, Doesn't it seem that way? Like they grow without us knowing? Welcome here! A.