Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celebrating Children's Day with Poem #235

by Amy LV

My children have asked me many times, "When is Children's Day?"  Well, different countries celebrate Children's Day on different days.  The United Nations recommends today, November 20, as a "Universal Children's Day", a day to promote "worldwide fraternity and understanding between children" as well as  "the welfare of the children of the world".  You can read a bit more about Children's Day here.

Days like this make me ask myself, "What can I do?" as well as "What will I do?"

THE MILESTONES PROJECT, by Michele and Richard Steckel, is an exquisite book full of photographs of children and writing by adults and children from all over the world.  It beautifully and honestly highlights children's common experiences, from haircuts to birthdays to lost teeth.  

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Students - Happy Children's Day to you all!  Enjoy your day and perhaps take a moment to think about a child you will never meet, living far away, dreaming some of the same dreams as you.
Teachers and Parents - Happy Children's Day to you...those who give to children each day.
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  1. When I was in Japan, the carp were flying for children's day. It's a lovely and obvious sign. Happy children's day to you, too. And thanks for helping me notice.

  2. Blythe, I can only imagine how many images you must hold with you from those days in Japan. That is a lovely sign. A.