Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Devour. Voracious. Eat Poem #224!

by Amy LV

Well, yesterday reinforced something I have often spoken about.  When you write all the time, ideas find you.  They know you're waiting for them.  Just like a monarch finds a milkweed, a snowball finds a sister...a poem finds someone willing to write it down.  Yesterday, brushing my teeth, I just began playing with the words carnivore, herbivore, omnivore.  My mind tickled those words all day long, so when evening came...the poem was plain fun to write.  Later, tucking my children into bed, Hope said, "Mom, you're a loveivore!"  Yep.

Students - Originally I didn't plan to make up all of these silly words.  But somehow that suffix, vore, just took over the whole darn poem!  Prefixes and suffixes and root words are so interesting...I will definitely be writing more poems like this.  If you try it, please let me know.

On another note, I have new technology fun to share.  The Poem Farm is now playing with QR codes, something I learned about last night from Franki Sibberson at A Year of Reading, who points the way to Jeff Utecht's blog, The Thinking Stick.  "What is a QR code?" you ask.  Well, I didn't know until yesterday either.  But it's a little code you can zap with your telephone or computer and be instantly transported to a bit of information.  If you have someone with a smart phone nearby, zap this with the barcode scanner (just like checking prices), and you will find one of my older posts, a list poem called "Favorite Words".  Whoa.  Weird world, isn't it?

I would love to get these little Poem Farm QR codes out into the world.  The one in the upper right hand corner is a general Poem Farm code, and if you are willing digitally share it or print it out and share it in some paper-way...I would be very grateful!  It's fun to imagine sneaking poems into different parts of the country and world.  Please do tell me if you are willing to be part of this craziness so that I can thank you properly - amy at amylv dot com.

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  1. Glad you are having as much fun with this as I am! Jeff Utecht made it easy to learn, I think. Love your poem idea. Do I see a QR Code Poetry Friday in the works? I still can't figure out how to use these but I love the idea.

  2. Hi Amy--Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. LOVE your posts! Can't wait to spend time reading and re-reading your posts.

  3. Franki, Yes, I'm amazed by this. So crazy...I feel like a child with a secret decoder ring! Thank you again! A QR Poetry Friday is a grand idea...hmmm... A.
    Tabatha, Thank you very much! I wish we could pair for an artwork/writing experience. A.
    Ann Marie, I was happy to find you in this cyberworld this morning! Please do let me know if you and your students ever play around with anything from my site - I am exploring some different ways to work directly with classrooms, and teacher thoughts help most of all. A.

  4. Hi Amy!
    Love your voracious verse!
    Playful and imaginative!

  5. Thank you, Charles. "Voracious verse!" I'm hungry. A.

  6. The first time I saw one of those QR codes was when I flew to Kidlitcon! I used the mobile check-in option and the airline sent the code to my phone, and I just held it over a little scanner at the gate. Nifty!

    What fun it would be to print out the code on little cards to hand out! Next Kidlitcon we'll all have them, I bet. :)

    I love your vore poem & love the "loveivore" comment from your daughter. :) Lately I'm a PoemFarmivore! I am just eating up all your poems!

    (Enjoyed MIRROR MIRROR with my Rilla today---thanks for the recommendation a few posts back.)

  7. Love the beanie! It makes your perfect drawing perfect-er.

  8. Like a Spark? I've been meaning to do one of those. They look like a fun challenge.

    I see you are doing PiBoIdMo -- me too!

  9. This poem sounds like Douglas Florian...and I mean that as a compliment! He's one of my favorites!!!