Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let a Poem Rise...Break & Enjoy Poem #225

Dough in Morning
Photo by Amy LV

 Bread at Night
Photo by Amy LV

Yesterday we didn't have many groceries in the house, and I did not want to go shopping.  So...I made one of my favorite breads, the Easy, No-Knead Crusty Bread that I happily discovered in MOTHER EARTH NEWS two years ago, the bread that changed our lives.  With a cast iron dutch oven, three cups of flour, water, a package of yeast, and a pinch of salt, you have everything you need.  It rises all day long, so if you mix it in the morning, it bakes at night.  Delightful!  This bread is so perfect that we once gave the recipe to a friend as a wedding gift along with a Martha Stewart dutch oven.

Students - this is a how-to poem.  It teaches the reader a little bit about bread baking, and so it's really a nonfiction poem.  The idea came from something I do, something I know about.  What did you just do?  What do you know?  What might you teach someone else?  Our own knowledge bases can be joyful jumping-off points for writing.

I did have to do a wee bit of research into yeast in order to write this poem.  I didn't know that yeast are really fungi or how they die, so I went snooping around online to find all kinds of facts at KnowsWhy, Wikipedia,  and WiseGEEK.  Not until I began writing did I realize that this poem would follow the actual time line of dough to bread.

Here is a great book about baking bread, one I've had for a while.  This book has a wonderful website dedicated to all kinds of information about bread: games, recipes, activities, a DVD clip, you name it.

Now I am off to eat some bread with butter.  And maybe honey. 

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  1. I recently discovered this recipe and have made two loaves now. You did a good job of deciphering the recipe instructions from the video.