Thursday, November 11, 2010

To You on Veterans Day - Poem #226

 Small Flag in Wales, NY
Photo by Amy LV

Students - it is clear to see that I wrote this poem in honor of an important day.  Each life is sprinkled with holidays for all as well as private family celebrations, and such special days deserve poems.  For this one, my biggest challenge was striking a serious and grateful tone without sounding sad or sappy.

Yesterday morning at Wales Primary, I had the opportunity to chat with a custodian and teacher in the hallway before the children arrived.  The school custodian held a perfectly- folded flag in his arms, and he gently held it against his chest as we talked.  Our words turned to a young local man, killed this week in Afghanistan, and to the sacrifices our veterans make each day, each hour.  As that gentleman walked outside to raise the school flag to half-mast, we all began our day with honor in our hearts.

Today is Veterans Day.  But Veterans serve all year.  We may not know who they are because they don't wear uniforms and medals when they come home and return to teaching, delivery, medical, construction, and all other jobs.  If you know that someone is a veteran, though, my friend and soldier-mother Lynda says that it means so much when we say, "Thank you for your service."

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