Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do You Read In Bed All Night? #273

Little Reader
by Amy LV

Students - when I sat down to write this poem, I knew that I wanted to write a story.  I didn't have an idea about where the words would go.  Instead, I simply jotted down the first two lines into my notebook and followed them.  

I've been thinking and talking a lot lately about something I learned at a workshop long ago.  The workshop leader (I cannot remember who it was) said that every kind of writing is either a story or a list.  Many of my poems are list poems: lists of questions, lists of qualities, lists of describing words or facts.  Today's poem is a story.

Of course this poem idea comes from my own childhood as well as from watching our children sneak reading into the wee hours of the night and morning.  Sometimes when I walk up the stairs to check on them, small nightlights wink off as if I will never know that they have been tucked into books.  Yes, sleep is good.  But you know what?  So is reading.

With its moral at the end, this poemstory reminds me a little bit of a fable.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    What a cute poemstory. When our children were little, they knew I was a sucker for "staying up a little later" to read and also for a coupon to a bookstore. Actually I am still easily lured by both.

    How fortunate we are to be lured by your poems with accompanying writing lessons. Such a gift!!


  2. Theresa, They know us so well, don't they? I bet your students can easily charm you into "one more chapter" of read aloud as well! Thank you so much for all of your kind words this year. It's fun to think about you and your students in these wee hours. Happy almost 2011!