Monday, December 27, 2010

Tulips are Waiting for Spring - Poem #272

Very Patient Tulip Bulbs
Photo by Amy LV

We have these two bags of bulbs hanging in our basement, bulbs I purchased in the fall and never planted.  It looks as if our area will have a thaw this week, so maybe we will get them into the ground after all!  These tulips all purples and blues, so if they make it, the show should be quite dramatic.  You can see their little hints of green peeking out already!

Students - I have always been amazed by spring flowers and how they know when to burst into blossom.  It's almost as if each consults a tiny calendar and wears an itty-bitty wristwatch.  Today's poem grew from my amazement at nature and also these bulbs I hope to plant.  Too, I love John Travers Moore's poem, "Springburst," a poem about a flower in the shape of a flower, meant to be read from the bottom, just like a flower grows.

One thing I have always wanted to do is force bulbs indoors.  Each Christmas, I say that I will give ready-to-bloom-flowers as Christmas gifts, but I have yet to do this.  Maybe next year!  If you are interested in trying this yourself, The Garden Helper offers some good tips.

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  1. For once I DID manage to get bulbs in the ground in the fall! I can't wait for HYACINTHS along with the tulips and daffodils. Love their heavenly scent. Thanks for a memory of spring on this day when I'm reading tweets about 2 ft. of snow on the east coast. You snowed in, too? Nada here.

  2. We're not snowed in...just a bit of dust falling, hopefully just enough to clean things up! Hmmm...wish I could clean my house this way. Thank YOU for the hyacinths memory - those remind me of my grandmother who loved both the flower and the color purple. Stay cozy, reader.