Friday, December 17, 2010

It's a Poetry Friday Birthday Party!

Photo by Amy LV

Poem #262

Happy Poetry Friday!  Today's poem (#29 in a Friday series of poems about poems) is for Melissa Wiley of Here in the Bonny Glen.  Happy birthday, new friend!  Melissa didn't know there would be a party here (it's a surprise), but she's giving us a present - an archive of all of her Poetry Friday Posts.  Feel free to throw some confetti around the Bonny Glen.

Students - today's poem has the same rhythm pattern as the poems of the last two days...something strange is going on.  Thank you to Charles Ghigna who found the title for today's poem in the title of the mitten photo.  While this poem was originally titled "A Birthday Wish," his comment helped me discover that "Poemittens" is better!  Thank goodness for friends.

Words are warming gifts for everyone, every holiday.  Why not celebrate 2011 birthdays with some zany Seuss-birthday-love?  Or better yet, consider writing your own poems as presents for those you love in this new year.

Because our children have a holiday assembly and because my mom will be visiting from out of town today, I have invited the mysterious Mister Linky to join us.  Please leave your link with him (along with a very short post description), and hike your way through forests of poem snow!

19.  Diane Mayr ("Long in the Tooth")

20.  Jama's Alphabet Soup ("Man Gave Names to All the Animals" by Bob Dylan)

21.  Jeannine Atkins ("How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird" by Jacques Prevert)

22.  Karen Edmisten ("A Christmas Card" by Thomas Merton)

23.  Dori Reads (A Christmas song from THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS by Kenneth Grahame)

24.  Ruth ("Ode to the Present" by Pablo Neruda)

25.  Melissa Wiley (a  trip through Melissa's Poetry Friday archive)

26.  Picture Books & Pirouettes (book share of NUTCRACKER TWINKLE TOES) 

27.  Blythe Woolston ("Scissors")

28.  Tabatha (Dorothy Parker & Charles Dickens)

29.  Wild Rose Reader ("Christmas Eve")

30.  Sheri Doyle ("Snow Music")

31.  Shelley (Poems about our Grandparents' Generation)

32.  Blue Rose Girls (Christmas Acrostics)

33.  Jennie ("Snow Day" by Billy Collins)

34.  Tara ("Song for Sarajevo" lyrics by Judy Collins)

35.  Carlie ("Machinery Maintenance")

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  1. Thanks for hosting, Amy.
    Love cozy your "Poemittens."

    I've sending along a little "Winter Wonderland" at

  2. Thanks for hosting, Amy. And happy birthday, Melissa!

  3. Thanks, Amy, for hosting the Poetry Friday round-up this week. Over at The Drift Record I've posted a poem by A.A. Milne which came to mind for some unfathomable reason while taking care of my 3-year-old-grandson.

  4. Howdy, Amy and happy birthday Melissa! Today's poem at

    Like your warm and toasty Poemittens, today's poem is a gift poem, too...this one to our local independent children's bookstore manager who is retiring.

    (It's actually more of the chorus to a yet-un-written song...)

  5. Happy birthday, Melissa!! Thanks for rounding us up, Amy!

  6. Thanks for hosting, Amy--and what a gorgeous poem. I adore "the blizzard of your living." So, so beautiful.

    I'm in with a poem from one of my favorite Christmas poetry books and also with 15 Words or Less poems.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. The image of a poem being like a pair of mittns made me smile. Thank you for sharing!

    I posted a poem, "Snowboard," on my blog:

    Happy Friday!

  8. Good morning, Amy, and thanks for your "unpublishable" comment. I agree with Laura L. about "the blizzard of your living," and I'm smiling too at the idea of poemmittens that you take off in a warm place and tuck in your pocket.

    What have you been doing with YOUR seven dozen gingerbread men?!

  9. Hi, Amy. Love the poem, and those gorgeous mittens. Did you make them? And Happy Birthday, Melissa!

    I'm in today with Eamon Grennan's poem, Song and a video of a flash mob whose singing lights up a food court.

  10. What a wonderful cozy mitten poem, and Happy Birthday to Melissa!

    Today I have a review of Man Gave Names to All the Animals, a picture book illustrated by Jim Arnosky based on a Bob Dylan song.

    Thanks for hosting and have a nice weekend, Amy! :)

  11. The mittens and poems fit well together. Thanks for rounding up on your busy day, Amy. Happy birthday, Melissa!

  12. I LOVE your poem today. Thanks for hosting.

    Here's mine. I'm reading Neruda today.

  13. Hi, Amy. What a fun idea to have a virtual surprise birthday party! And I love your idea of writing poems for loved ones in 2011. I may just give that a try. Thanks for sharing Poemittens, and for hosting!

  14. Oh, Amy, Amy...I'm blown away. What a beautiful surprise. This is one of the best gifts I've ever received. A poem!! I'm blown away. Your words ARE a "warming blessing," dear friend, and I am so grateful to know you. Thank you so much for this perfectly gorgeous gift.

  15. P.S. Blogger is showing me this word in the word verification box: "blesting"! A perfect word for your blog---the best blessing!

  16. Thank you, sweet poetry friends, for your comments here. And yes, I did make the mittens. I made a pair for each child last Christmas...but our wool-loving puppy chewed holes in four of them! Happy Poetry Friday! A.

  17. Your Poemmittens fit perfectly! Giving poems as gifts is a lovely idea. As I busily shop, I have been pondering how nice it would be to make everyone gifts next year. I haven't been sure if I have it in me to make stuff my kids would like-- I'll have to start early to figure that out.

  18. Amy,

    Thanks for doing the roundup this week--and for your Friday poetry poem!

    At Wild Rose Reader, I have an original childhood memoir poem titled "Christmas Eve."

  19. Thanks for hosting, Amy!
    I just loved your poem - especially that final thought, hitting home for me today.

    I am sharing my poem "Snow Music" that appeared in the Feb 2010 issue of Spider.

  20. Hooray for Melissa! Your poem is a lovely gift.

    My original contribution for today is at:

  21. What a wonderful way of thinking of the gift of poetry. Those last lines really speak to the way poetry connects us all. Thank you...for the poem, and for hosting. My contribution are the lyrics to a song much on my mind this season.

  22. I was here early this morning and got too weepy to comment. I'm back to say, lovely poem, beautiful mittens, and my dog eats both socks and mittens.

    Thank you for hosting today. (In your place, I would have been looking forward to the concert and dreading the shopping....)

  23. Thanks for hosting, Amy, and what a great idea -- a surprise birthday party.

    I'm impressed that you've commented on everyone's post! What a good friend of Poetry Friday!


  24. Jet, Thank you for saying was fun to hop all around and visit everyone on my hosting day! What great selections! A.