Thursday, December 16, 2010

Icicles Icicles Icicles! Poem #261 is Chilly!

 Our Porch - Icicles on Grapevine
by Amy LV

Students - Well, it's another one of those surprise concrete poems.  A surprise to me, that is.  You may have noticed that this poem has the same meter as yesterday's poem, "In Grandma's Bowl."  I did not do this intentionally, but this meter must be floating in my head right now.  Sometimes that just happens, like a song stuck in your mind.  When this happens to me, I often make myself write in a new meter, just to snap out of it.

You will notice that this poem, while it sounds like the candy poem, looks completely different.  This is because after I wrote it, I started playing around with the lines to see if I could make the words look like icicles.  Sometimes it helps to fiddle with such things on a computer screen.

Here is a wonderful poetry book to warm you this winter, WINTER EYES by Douglas Florian.

Tomorrow I will host Poetry Friday, and I invite you back to see who is sharing poetry all around the KidLitosphere.  If you have never participated in Poetry Friday before, you can learn how to do so by checking out this Poetry Friday PowerPoint.

Next Poetry Friday (New Year's Eve) we will enjoy learning from Mrs. Annello's fourth grade class from Paul Road Elementary in the Gates Chili Central School District as they share their poetry calendars!

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  1. Amy,

    Great poem! Love "diamond daggers" and "summer rain in frozen teeth."

  2. Hi Amy --
    I'm with ANOTHER 4th grade class today (Mrs. Warstler's class) and we enjoyed your Icicles poem. Some of the things we enjoyed were: the dagger part, the shape of it, and the prisoner part. The poem inspired us to try to make our poetry sound more like poetry.
    Ruth :)