Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reach into the Candy Dish with #260!

Candy Dish
Photo by Amy LV

Students - the image of stained glass candies twinkling in a dish flashed across my mind yesterday.  I'd just purchased a bulk bag of such candies for gingerbread house decorating.  Later, I imagined them clinking together and catching the light.  This reminded me of my husband Mark's grandmother, who always had a full candy dish in her house.  I used to love seeing what she had in there...and so did our children!  Grandmas are great that way.

As I wrote this poem, I could not help but think of my favorite candy poem, one which flashes across my own inward eye often, Valerie Worth's "sweets."  I love the ending of this poem:

How they manage
To flavor
The paper

Once again, I recommend this book highly for all classrooms, homes, and all who want to learn about metaphor, making each word count, and seeing so much in our world.

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  1. Grandmothers are just antique little girls. ~Author Unknown

  2. Amy,

    I love your candy poem! I like "kaleidoscope of candies" and the image of stained glass windows.

    I wrote an entire collection of candy poem a couple of years ago. I haven't submitted it to a publisher yet.

  3. Old School, That is one great line, one I'll remember! I guess that little girls are just fresh old ladies, eh? A.
    Elaine, I would love to read that collection and am remembering that one big post you did about it. Maybe 2011 will be the year of the candy book submission?! A.

  4. Mom-Mom had a candy dish and it always had mini hershey bars. I loved eating that candy and my kids went right to it as soon as they got there. She said that she always kept it for the kids but she had my Mom buy more each week...even if we had not been there.... :)

    I love reading your poems...they make me smile.. :)

  5. dear Amy,
    Iam another student in Mrs.Evancho's class!when I read your poem,it reminded me of both of my grandma's.they both died from
    cancer.It allso reminded me of the cookies we made today!we made pitzzelle's and christmas cookies!

    Sincerly, Madison

  6. Lori, Did we already talk about this...are you Scandinavian? (I was an exchange student and had a Mor Mor in Denmark!) I love how she needed more each week. My grandma had lots of treats around do I. ('Trying not to eat the gingerbread house candy this moment.) A.
    Dear Madison,

    Thank you very much for your note. I always find it amazing when a family of words on a page (poem) makes me remember people I love. I am wondering if you have written any poems about your two grandmas. Sometimes I write poems about people to keep them close to my heart. You can write little memories or things that your grandmas used to say or even about anything you remember in their houses, like candy dishes...

    My grandma used to have a whole set of dishes with little purple flowers on them, and I loved them so much. We used to play cards together a lot too. Know what? I may write about these memories. Thank you for getting me to think about them!

    It sounds like you have a sweet-loving family. I adore pizzelles!

    Merry merry Christmas to you and your family. Don't forget that you can give your own writing as a present. I'm a mom, and that's my favorite gift...things my children make.

    Please say "Hi!" to your class and Mrs. Evancho!

    Your Friend,