Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/1/11 Our Collaborative Poem is Here!

Several days ago, Charles Ghigna and I invited anyone interested to join us in writing a collaborative poem for today's date, 1/1/11.  Here is the poem!


One one one one
2010 is done
one one oneone
2011 has begun

days are tumbling
months are rumbling
years are bumbling by
pages from the calendar
fade in winter sky

one one one one
days of thunder
days of sun

one one wonders
where and why
one minute
flies by

one one one one
resolutions to pursue
old year finished
another chance to start anew

one one remembers one
a loved one 
in times of fun
concatenated moments
of when or why or how
are either gone or not yet here
the only one is now

one one one one
just marks in time
like ladder steps to climb
on the way to greater things
as the new year rings
or like lines plowed in time's shifting sand
marking goals met as planned
mapped out worked out and won

one wonder after another
one wonders after
another and yet another
quiet quite commonplace
the lit smile the poured sky
the breached seed the strung word
how one more wonder may be born
but look there's another
just beyond the next breath

one one trip
around one sun
one night
one life
one one one one

by Lori Faas, Jenn, Mike Artell, 
Larry, Melissa Wiley, Amy LV,
and Charles Ghigna

Onederful!  Thank you for writing and reading along with us.  Ten months from now, we'll have another interesting date on our hands.

And what fun that right now...today...The Poem Farm is at 101 followers!

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