Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do You Take Forever to Say Goodbye? #288

Poem Pencil Draft
by Amy LV

Students - this poem comes from a very real place in our family's life.  Whenever Mark or I go to pick up one of our children from a friend's house, they always end up with more play time than we had expected.  This is because we adults have such a fine time chatting in the doorway.  I didn't figure this out right away, but now I know about it.  Hope, Georgia, and Henry told us, "We always get extra time to play because you talk so much!"

Can you think of something, some little thing that happens over and over again in your life?  It might be as small as the way your cereal crunches or the way you like your toilet paper to hang on the roll (coming out from under, please) or the sound of your dog's tail thumping on the hardwood floors.  You know what?  I may write about each of these things...

Ideas.  Everywhere.  Yes.

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  1. Very original, Amy! Reads like a villanelle!

  2. Thank you, Charles! I was going for that layered effect. It was fun to try! And we really do that...take forever to say goodbye! A.