Thursday, January 6, 2011

Does Your Grandma Tell Stories? #282

Grandma's Stories
by Amy LV

Students - this poem idea came from the way my mother and mother-in-law enjoy telling our children stories about when we were little!  None of the stories in this poem are actually true, but there's a really funny one I won't tell here (my brother-in-law would blush). "Tell me a story about..." is a phrase which we expect to hear at extended family dinners, and it helps us hold on to our history.  

So, if you have not yet asked your grandparents about your parents and aunts and uncles when they were little - do!  You will find all kinds of writing ideas in your family's stories...heartwarming and sad and silly.

One of my favorite free verse poetry books is HEY WORLD, HERE I AM! by Jean Little.  This book speaks so honestly and simply and has given me lots to ponder about family.

We welcome everyone to add to the collaborative New Year's poem begun by Charles Ghigna and me the other day!  On Sunday, we will put everything together and repost it next week.

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  1. Great post!

    We should all listen to grandma's stories because later on you might find them of great importance when you're researching your family tree!

    Tracing Ancestors in the UK