Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poem #281 says, "Stay in Your Pajamas!"

Henry, Hope, & Georgia 
in New Christmas Pajamas
Photo by Amy LV

Winter at Heart Rock Farm brings new pajamas.  My mother sends new pajamas for the children to open on Christmas Eve, and my friend Noelle sometimes brings matching pajamas for her daughter and our daughters (different ones for Henry!)  The last day of our vacation found us spending extra time in our jammies, and my friend Sue and her family spend the day after Christmas in theirs.  I know that schools sometimes have pajama days, and so this poem is for everyone who loves spending lots of time in cuddly jammies, no matter what kind.

Students - the most fun part of this poem was reading it aloud to revise!  There are times when writing just asks us to bounce the words around like tennis balls, and this poem was one of those times!

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  1. Love this poem and the adorable photo too!

    Oh, how I miss seeing my little girl in "pajamas with feet."

  2. I Love a pajama day! We have always opened Pjs on Christmas eve too! This Year Sofia (age 6) and I painted t-shirts to go with everyone's Jingle jammie bottoms! (I am going to have to blog that one up!)
    I'm going to sing this poem everyday over Feb break!

  3. Amy,

    What an adorable threesome! Love a pajama day too, especially in new jammies!Couldn't wait to put mine on tonight! ~Theresa

  4. Oh, Sheri, Becky, and Theresa, We are kindred jammie friends! Becky - I will look for those painted jammies. Happy cozy! A.

  5. great poem and pix, from a children author of Concord, Ca.