Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog Day Poem - The Day After

Phil Alone
by Amy LV

Yesterday morning, I was toodling around the Internet, and I visited The Writer's Armchair with Toby Speed.  I read her adorable and quirky post about Groundhog Day and mused, "How could I forget that it's Groundhog Day?"  Wrapped in our storm excitement, Phil and his shadow had slipped right by me.

Lamenting the fact that I had not written a poem in honor of the occasion, I searched for a way to still write a meaningful poem for all of the groundhogs of the world.  Aha!  "What about the REST of the days, the days that are NOT February 2?" I asked myself, wondering if ol' Phil feels lonely in August.  Hence, poem #309.

Students -has anyone ever told you that if you are drawing and make an error, you can fix the error to look like something else?  Often, we can change our mistakes and find something salvageable in them.  So you might start a poem, not love it all, but just use one word or one image to build a fresh poem.  Yesterday, I did this.  I wished I had written a Groundhog Day poem for the day itself, but I found a way to still write one from this new perspective.  Had I written a groundhog poem in the first place, today's idea may have never come forth.

Today I am thankful for mistakes and working with them.

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  1. Amy,
    I read this poem on Pintrest and knew the words were yours before I checked to see who the author was. The thought that I knew your rhythm made me smile. Happy almost February! Nan

  2. Amy,
    Tonight I was looking on Pintrest for a Groundhog poem. I knew these were your words even before I checked to see who wrote it. The thought that I knew it was you made me smile. Happy almost February!
    Nan from Webster