Friday, February 4, 2011

Poetry Friday & Poem #310 - Forever

 Have You Been Here Before?
Photo by Amy LV

This is poem #5 in my Poetry Friday series of poems about books and reading and words.  I believe books echo within and through us over and over again, that the authors' voices become part of us, helping us to make decisions and never feel alone.

This week I am reading the new Newbery Medal winner, MOON OVER MANIFEST, by Claire Vanderpool.  Here is a bit of poetry I'll carry with me from page 144:

If there is such a thing as a universal -- and I wasn't ready to throw all of mine out the window -- it's that there is power in a story.  And if someone pays you such a kindness as to make up a tale so you'll enjoy a gingersnap, you go along with that story and enjoy every last bite.

Students -I learned from Georgia Heard that we can read all kinds of things seeking poetry tucked within.  Try it.  Pick up your picture book, your chapter book, your nonfiction article and ask, "Where is the poetry here?"  Maybe you, like me, will copy a line or two down into your notebook, just for the future echoes...

For today's Poetry Friday roundup, visit Dori over at Dori Reads where you be presented with a menu of poetry delights!

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  1. This is so true, Amy. Even after a lifetime of other reading and growing and learning, Ferdinand still resonates in my mind. That sweet bull was a gingersnap in my childhood. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love this. The photo is neat, at your house? I write down poetic passages all the time. Thanks for sahring with us today.

  3. Love that last line true!

  4. yes, yes, of the reasons why books are so potent and good. I'm with you!

  5. Ditto to what everyone else said. "Books teach you how to live!" YES!!

    Was very excited recently to read your poems in the Sharing the Seasons anthology :)!

  6. Lovely, Amy. I always love that point in a story or a poem when I realize that yes, I've been there before. This author knows me.

  7. Thank you for stopping by, all. It's wonderful to share this feeling. Jone - that icicle fire cave is not at my house, but rather at our children's school. It greeted us along with many others yesterday. Lovely! A.

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  9. Amy, your photo at the top reminds me of this one at ShelfTalker. Thought you would like it!

    (I like your groundhog poem and post, btw. You make a good point about turning your mistakes into something new.)

  10. This is one of my favorites out of all of the 300+. Really struck a chord with me.

  11. I love this blog...having young kids, and being a teacher, this is such a great site for me to use at home and in the classroom! Thanks for making such a great outlet for kids to experience poetry!

  12. Tabatha, What a great photo...I want to curl up in there myself. Thank you for sharing it. A.
    Mary Lee, I'm so glad you like're on my admired-readers list, so that means a lot! A.
    Lindsey, Thank you for your kind words. I had fun visiting over at your blog too...what a neat world in here. I'd love to do a project with your class sometime if you do a poetry unit. Check out the "Classroom Peeks" on the sidebar to see what I mean! A.
    Barry, It's spooky-cool that we're on the same icicle wavelength...makes me happy. A.

  13. I came back. I'm so glad I did. What a photo.