Friday, February 11, 2011

Poetry Friday & A Snowman Story Poem

School Snowman
Photo by Amy LV

This is poem #5 in my Poetry Friday series of poems about books and reading and words as well as poem #317 in my year-long poetry project.  

Last weekend, I saw a snowman on the playground at our children's school.  He looked so winsome, so still, so alone, that I took his photograph.  Later, I looked at the photograph and imagined the life of a school snowman.  Ah, to see inside the school!

Students - I've mentioned this before, but photographs are great jumping-off points for writing.  You may wish to go out and take pictures with the plan to use them for writing or you might find photographs to write from.  Either way, mixing our visual minds with our wordy minds helps us to make new combinations and images and colors we might not find with only one mind.

Carol is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Rasco from RIF.  Don't miss all kinds of poetry goodies over there, and remember, everyone is welcome to participate in this weekly sharing of poem-love!

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  1. Amy - first of all: congratulations on your forthcoming collections!! ONe of my most favoirte picture books is called Forest Child, so that is the forest I envision when I think of a poetry collection revolving around the theme. Second, I'm a week late, but I don't think one can go wrong opening a collection with a poem entitled "Invitation." Wonderful! Finally, a snowman who wants to read is such a fresh thought... love the friendship and book themes of this poem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i totally agree about photos as jumping off points. so many stories from a single image, those "thousand words" if you will.

    thanks for sharing

  3. Love your snowman poem! It's my favorite so far in this series. What a unique, refreshing idea :).

  4. What a great photo. And a great poem!

  5. You captured so well the way children seem able to communicate with everything.

  6. Oooh, this one should be a picture book! Wonderful narrative.

  7. Sweet snowman. :) I love the part about the stories, edged in gold.

  8. Irene, Thank you for your note! I am going to check out FOREST CHILD. The brief synopsis I read looks lovely. A.
    All Friends, I am glad you liked the snowman. Making lemonade...making lemonade! Melissa - I may try it as a picture book. Thank you for the thought. A.