Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poem #318 Celebrates a Basket of Kittens

Georgia & Kittens in 2008
Photo by Amy LV

Students - we each have life topics, memories, special times that we think and reflect upon over and over again.  I have written about these kittens before, in honor of their mother for Mother's Day.  Somehow I believe that I will return to this memory of kittens again and again, in both my writing and heart.

Pat Schnieder's poem, "How the Stars Came Down" speaks to the power of memory, especially these lines:

...when I got home
home wasn't my real home any more.
I had a new home in my remembering
and it was dark and safe and beautiful
with shooting stars all around.

Read the whole poem, in all of its gorgeousness, here.

I love this idea of "a new home in my remembering." What can each of us do to create internal "homes of remembering" for our loved ones and strangers too? 

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