Sunday, February 13, 2011

Star in Sky...Star in Sea...Poem #319

Window Star by Hope
Photo by Amy LV

Students - this poem came from plain old looking around.  I was sitting in our living room, unsure of what to write about, when my eyes lit on the window star you see above.  Instantly I started thinking about starfish, and right away I wanted to write about them.

This poem is similar to "Skies and Seas," a poem I wrote in back December.  One of the neatest benefits of writing every day is that I am noticing which patterns, topics, and themes keep emerging.

Ed Young's book, I WISH I WERE A BUTTERFLY, has always been a favorite, and surely the theme has sunk into my bones...for here it is in today's poem!

If you would like to learn how to fold paper window stars, here is a book to help you.

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  1. Hi, Amy--

    Isn't life rich? I'm so excited to see you announcing your long-awaited first collection, and a basket of kittens and a window star and story poems and and and... Well done you!

    I was especially interested in your comments about being able to notice what comes up again and again, as well as who and what influences you. And you turn a fine phrase with "and hear Old Moon's blue lullaby." Last stanza also great.

    I was wondering if you remembered my suggestion about April and what (other than getting through your PoWriYe) you might be planning. And while I am sure that you have your own critique group, I've been wondering if you'd be willing to exchange critiques offline for a project I'm working on...


  2. Heidi, Thank you for your note...I wish we could really just sit down for tea. I wrote you an e-mail... Happy Valentine's Day! (Thought of you as we made cookies today - of your gingerbread cookies and how good they'd be as hearts.) A.

  3. Hi Amy,
    My student and I wanted to share a riddle she wrote. Just like you, she looked around the room and found what she wanted to write about. Can you guess?
    I swim around and hide.
    I have gills because I breathe under water.
    I have scales so it is hard for other animals to eat me.
    Stacey & 2nd grade student

  4. Dear Stacey and Student,

    That's a good one! I am guessing that this riddle is about a fish. I could tell from some of the great fishy words like "swim," "gills," and "scales." I really like the way that you wrote about the fish in the "I" voice, as if the fish itself is really talking. (Now you must hang it on the fish bowl for him.)

    Thank you for sharing your riddle poem - it would be fun to make a book of these!

    Your Friend,

  5. I'm a poetry lover who loves stars and starfish...your lovely poem sure hit all the right notes with me!