Monday, March 21, 2011

Did You Ever Want a Cast? - Poem #355

Cast Signing
by Amy LV

When I was six years old, I broke my arm by sledding under a barbed wire fence.  That really hurt, but it was fun to have an over-the-elbow cast and to have all of my friends sign the plaster.  It was also fun to keep the cast afterward and make little houses for my stuffed animals out of it.

I have memories of signing lots of casts and of wishing that I could try crutches.  My husband has never broken a bone...lucky him!  Or maybe not.  It is neat to have people's names written all over your arm, after all.

Students - this poem is also about a little jealousy.  Instead of just writing about having a cast, I decided to write as the person without a cast wishing that s/he had one.  Try that.  Take a feeling, any feeling.  Then imagine a situation, a specific situation including that feeling, and write from there. The situation might be real, or it might be completely made up by you.

This emotion-into-situation idea could work for a poem or a short story!

For the poem that is not really #355, don't miss the post that never officially happened.

Today is World Poetry Day!  Will you read and write poems in celebration of this international observance?

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  1. I had a cast when I was two. My sister pulled my arm out of the socket. I don't remember any of it -- but I still remind my sister about it. :)

  2. When I fell off a horse in September and broke my elbow, I didn't get the fun of a cast, only a sling. I did always want to use a sling though! I always thought they were so cool, but after three weeks of not being able to take it off I did reconsider!

    What a cute poem! Loved it!

    Julie Batelli