Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poem #356 - Do You Hug Your Laundry?

Students - this poem came from something that just happened yesterday.  I pulled out a pile of sheets and towels from the dryer, and Hope wanted to hug it!  We all do this here, snuggle into piles of clean laundry and soak up the warmth.  

This poem is about a simple pleasure.  What is one of your simple pleasures?  What is something little, free, daily, and undramatic which pleases your senses?  These are good things to write about, and often you will find that others enjoy them too!

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  1. Aren't 'simple pleasures' wonder filled and such a delightful poem ~ enjoy the day ^_^

  2. A fellow laundry hugger! I hang mine outside -- but it smells so good, I usually hold it up to my nose to smell!

  3. Methinks we need a laundry hugging club! You are the charter members! A.

  4. I put on jammies warm from the dryer last night! Heavenly!

  5. This is one of my favorite things to do in the winter. One of my other simple pleasures is the smell of fresh lilacs in the spring.

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  7. Hi Amy,

    Not sure if you received my previous comment but I would like to use this poem "Laundry Hugging" with my students since we are now doing distance learning. This is a great way to kick of National Poetry Month with my young ones. I will make sure to cite this information properly.

    1. Oh, I hope they get a good giggle. This is an easy poem to memorize! Take good care. x