Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Play is Over in Poem #346

This week, our daughter Hope played Lucia in "A Roman Comedy" at school.  The class did a magnificent job, and we are still celebrating!  Now that the play has ended, though, the actors' lines will slip away until only hints remain.  When I used to act in plays, I was always amazed by how a complete performance would simply disappear bit-by-bit over time.  Even so, snippets of each show always remain and sometimes bubble to the surface of my mind.

I am grateful to have a poem about being in a play in HAMSTERS, SHELLS, AND SPELLING BEES, edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins.

School Play

A stage
with velvet curtains
is tucked inside my heart
where you can find me
in my costume
practicing my part
every night -
every day.
I will
be ready
for our play.

Amy LV

Students - today's poem is simply an observation, a bit of a wistful one, but just a thought.  We all have little thoughts that flicker across our minds, and sometimes it's good to capture one in ink.  Brian Andreas draws his Story People with short and very wonderful thoughts.

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  1. "The Play's the Thing" somebody said.
    (Wow, that could be the first line of a metered poem!) Amy, thanks for these thoughts and for the Story People link! I love the work there - wonderful posters for libraries, elementary schools, and other bright and happy places of learning! --Cecilia

  2. Cecilia, That WOULD be a great first line! I thought you would like the Story People...and I owe you a poem. I know nada about the Iditarod, so I need to do a bit of learning! A.