Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poem #347 Brings Daylight Saving Time

by Amy LV

Happy Daylight Saving Time!

Yesterday I listened to an interview with Howard Mansfield in which he spoke about TURN AND JUMP, his book focusing on how we perceive time.  "Spring ahead.  Fall back."  That's what my mom always used to say.  Daylight Saving Time is a funny thing.

Here at the Naval Oceanography Portal, you can read a bit of history about Daylight Savings Time in the US as well as the dates for Daylight Savings Time for the past and next several years.

As for funny stories around here regarding Daylight Saving fall we invited friends  for dinner, and I could not figure out why there were soooo rudely late.  'Turns out I had not changed our clocks back.  And last night I looked at the kitchen clock, stunned that it was already 11pm.  'Turns out Mark had set the clocks back early!

Students - occasionally the calendar dictates our writing.  Today was one of those times for me.  What on the calendar interests you?  Is there a month, a holiday, a special birthday or anniversary that makes you want to sit and write or sit and draw or sing?

Teachers - DAYS TO CELEBRATE, edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins, includes calendars with fascinating facts about different dates as well as several timely poems for each month.  It's a handy and interesting classroom resource, illustrated beautifully by Stephen Alcorn.

There are two states in the United States which do not honor Daylight Saving Time.  Do you know which ones they are?  Check npr to find out.

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  1. I'm ready for the US to do like Russia and STOP SWITCHING back and forth. Who knows about Father Time, but I am dizzy for sure! (and a little sleepy...)

  2. I think it's Arizona and Indiana -- but I might be wrong.

    Cute poem and drawing, Amy. :)