Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rhyming Couplets

A Couplet of Cats
Photo by Amy LV

Rhyming Couplets

"Couple" means two.  A "couplet" is a pair of two lines of poetry, joined by meter and often rhyme.

Reading through this year's poems, I realize that I do not write many poems in couplets.  Writing a lot and then looking back has helped me to see patterns, habits, tics, strengths, and weaknesses.  I think I'll try to write some more couplet poems!

 from November 2010

At Harold Underdown's website, The Purple Crayon, you can read Charles Ghigna's great post about rhythm and rhyme which offers information about couplets, quatrains, tercets, and more!

Paul Janeczko's A KICK IN THE HEAD: AN EVERYDAY GUIDE TO POETIC FORMS is a jaunty and colorful book full of examples and definitions of many types of poetic forms.

Throughout April, I will continue to post poetry lessons and poem examples from this past year of writing one poem each day.  These posts are written especially for classroom teachers and students, homeschooling families, and any other people who enjoy children's poetry.

This Month's Poetry Revisits and Lessons So Far

April 1 -   Poems about Poems
April 2 -   Imagery
April 6 -   Free Verse
April 8 -   Classroom Poetry Peek & Circular Poems 
April 9 -   Poems about Science
April 10 - Today - Rhyming Couplets 

In case you missed some of this first week of poetry in the kidlitosphere, Elaine Magliaro at Wild Rose Reader has rounded up a list of many posts at several different blogs.

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