Monday, April 11, 2011

Riddle Me! Riddle Me!

For the month of April, I continue to revisit blog posts from throughout last year's poem-a-day.  For each April day, I will include a poem idea or strategy followed by examples and sometimes a challenge to try!

Riddle Poems

Students - Riddles are fun for everyone.  There are hints, and there is a mysterious answer.  In between, though, our brain must make a leap of understanding.  Hmmm...what could this be?

Here are two riddle poems that I wrote this year.  Can you figure either one of them out?  I don't think they are very easy.  Do you?

from October 2010
(Answer - Quotation Marks)

from March 2011
(Answer - March)

Rebecca Kai Dotlich's poem book, WHEN RIDDLES COME RUMBLING, is full of riddle poems to figure out.  Tucked into the illustrations you can find letters which spell the answer to each riddle.

If you wish to write a riddle poem, first think of what it will be about.  Then write...but don't give away the answer in your title.

Teachers - one fun publication idea for riddle poems is to make a class book with one riddle per page.  The answers might be written upside down, behind lifting flaps, or on the page following each poem.  Alternatively, students might make display posters of their poems with answers behind flaps.

If you were not here for last Friday's Classroom Poetry Peek, please stop on by to see the fourth graders of Tioughnioga Riverside Academy and their classroom publishing station.

This Month's Poetry Revisits and Lessons So Far

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