Friday, July 29, 2011

Posters - Do You Love Horses?

Horse by the Side of the Road
Photo by Amy LV

Today is my day off and the first time I've touched a computer in a week - glorious!  Why?  Well, these two weeks find our children and me at Sprucelands Horseback Riding Camp where they are campers, and I am a hill parent.  On Wednesday, the Sprucelands riding instructors offered an evening riding lesson to us moms, and it was such fun! 

Our teachers were extremely patient, and we students walked and trotted around Ring One, laughing and learning together.  I rode a beautiful Appaloosa named Sunrise, and for the first time, I understood why so many people (including Hope, Georgia, and Henry) adore horses.  I will post a photo of this lesson as soon as I have one.

Students - sometimes a poem idea comes from something you feel grateful for.  Today I feel grateful for many things, including my friends and teachers from horse camp.  Taking a few minutes each day to reflect on good happenings is wise, and one fourth grade teacher I know even has her students do this daily in their writers notebooks.   Writing about our "goodnesses" helps us hold onto them and also, I believe, makes us even more grateful.  For what are you thankful? 

One of my favorite things to do in writing is to bring inanimate objects to life through words, and I loved imagining my children's paper horses breathing and cantering around their bedrooms.  There is magic in everything, and in a poem...anything can happen! 

Today's Poetry Friday is over at Book giddy up on over and enjoy the ride.  Many congratulations to our hostess Kate Coombs whose upcoming poetry collection with Chronicle, WATER SINGS BLUE, will be out next Spring.

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