Friday, July 22, 2011

Song for Garbage Day - Embarrassed?

"Oh Boy!"
by Amy LV

Today's poem came from an exciting part of life 'round these parts...finding wonderful surprises at others' roadsides!  Earlier in the week, Hope, Georgia, and Henry found a complete aquarium set-up (including sunken ship and filter) in someone's garbage pile.  They asked Mark to stop the car, tucked the tank into our trunk, scrubbed it up with bleach, and gave their fish (one female mosquito fish and one male guppy, both from school projects) a new happy habitat.

Our  "New" Aquarium
Photo by Amy LV

On Wednesday, driving away from the children's swim lessons, I passed this chair . It was well-made, cool-looking, and comfy.  I asked at the door if it was bedbug-free, and yes, it was.  Lucky me!  Lucky study-which-always-needed-a-chair!  

Our "New" Chair
Photo by Amy LV

Students - helping oneself to another's garbage might be considered embarrassing to some people.  I probably would have been embarrassed by it myself many years ago.   But now I am proud of saving and recycling in this way.  Some of our friends find most all of their firewood and many other fascinating things by roadsides, and I am inspired by their thrift and creativity. 

What have you found embarrassing in your life that you might feel good about now?  What do you do that others might raise an eyebrow at?  Such ideas make for interesting writing.  Who knows?  You might even write a song about such a thing! 

When I began to write this poem, I could not decide whether to write it in the 'I' voice or the 'you' voice.  I decided on the latter because I thought it might sound less preachy.  Initially I didn't plan on this having words repeating over and over again, but this poem just wanted to work out that way.  If I were musical, I would play with making up a tune for it.

Do you know this most-famous book?

When I was a little girl at Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary School, THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS only came in a chunky paperback, and we would pass it around, just marveling at all of the surprising and incredible things that people do the world over.

Now, our own poetry-muse, Lee Bennett Hopkins, will have his own entry in THE GUINNESS BOOK, as "the most prolific anthologist of poetry for children!" See the certificate and read a bit more here at Sylvia Vardell's Poetry for Children.  Many congratulations, Lee!

Tabatha is rounding up today's pile of poetry treasures at The Opposite of Indifference.  Happy Poetry Friday to one and all!

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  1. Those are great finds, Amy! Aquariums (aquaria?) can be very expensive.

    I like the idea of writing about things you might have found embarrassing. That opens up lots of topics!

  2. Too bad you're not in NH (you aren't are you?). I have lots of cool stuff I'm itching to give away. And, yes, sometimes I put it out by the curb. I love watching people's joy as they stop to pick up a cool set of chairs or a lamp I no longer want or need.

    Maybe I'll write a poem about it!


  3. Love your "Song for Garbage Day," Amy.
    The message, the melody - memorable!
    The perfect poem for UNPLUGGED!

  4. Love that chair...and the typewriter behind it! I pick up all sorts of stuff, too - shelves for my classroom, baskets for books - it's always great fun.

  5. You've made some great curbside finds! Love the chanty rhythm of your poem!

  6. Wonderful poem, wonderful that chair! You have reminded me of something I have done in other offices where I worked and need to do it at RIF...a "put it by the curb" day and people bring things they wish to part with and we set up in a conference room and folks can peruse and take...I think that just might be on the agenda soon! Thanks!

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  9. Oh, I love "put it by the curb" day! It's good to know I'm not alone in this garbage-picking world! A.