Thursday, April 12, 2012


Photo by Amy LV

Students - When I pointed (closed-eyed) to this word, I cheered inside.  Isn't it a treat in your mouth?  I thought about a few possible ideas for writing with this wondrous word but kept coming back to simply loving words and wanting to list my favorites.  I always make lists of fabulous words in the back of each notebook, and for today, I wanted to play with the -ack and -ock sound.

Do you know what I want to do now?  I want to read this poem in a round with someone else, the second person coming in after the first four lines.  I wonder if that would be tricky.

Teachers - Below you will see a small gift that I often share.  I've had it so long that I cannot remember where I found it, but what a perfect celebration of words!  I hope it will inspire you to keep a list of words you love and to continue to find ways to nurture such wordlove in students.  A class journal of magnificent words, a bulletin board of words, a pause after read aloud for a favorite word...please let me know what you do to cherish these little collections of letters!  (If you know where this came from, please tell me so that I can give credit to the proper source.)

In case you are new here, this month I am walking, letter-by-letter, through the dictionary, (closed-eyed) pointing to a letter each day, and writing from it. You can read poems A-J` by checking the sidebar, and you visit Lisa Vihos and read her accompanying daily haiku at, Lisa's Poem of the Week.  She and I are Dictionary Hike partners!

Tomorrow for Poetry Friday, please come back to hear wisdom from and sing birthday wishes to Lee Bennett Hopkins!  To celebrate, tomorrow you may enter a drawing for a giveaway of his latest anthology, NASTY BUGS!

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  1. Amy, it's late, but still reading. I can imagine how excited you must have been when seeing your word. What fun it is, & how much you did with it. I'm meeting with a teacher tomorrow who wants to talk poetry & I will share this with him. It will be an inspiration to his students!

  2. Oh, I love that word, and the list you compiled to go with it. I've read it aloud several times already, and the sounds are a perfect tick-tock.

    If you have Skype, I could record us reading it in a round, side by side, and send you the video - fun! I'm at renee.latulippe

    (And come to think of it, I have been playing with some poems for two voices...hmmm, methinks an idea is brewing...)

  3. My students are going to love this poem! I've been sharing your website with some colleagues and using your ideas with my young writers. I can't wait to show them this poem this morning. I have 2 girls who are always looking for poetry to read in a round. This will be perfect for them.

  4. A delicious word treat, Amy! I love that you used bric a was the first thing I thought of when you posted your link on FB! I too have even writing for two voices lately...i want in on your collaboration with Renee!

  5. Good morning Amy! Happy to be back on the hike. When I saw "knickknack," I thought of a rhyme I used to say when I was little, and so for today's haiku, here is what I've got:

    Poet Dog

    Knickknack patty whack!
    Give a dog a poem to chew.
    He barks in haiku.

    Not a typical haiku word...but, I tried!

  6. Such a great list poem! As for the 10 Beautiful Words, I vote for "silver." (It can replace "tranquil," which clanks in the middle.)

  7. Nice post Amy. I'm going to write a children's poem using those 10 words mentioned here. Nice challenge.

  8. I love rounds! Is there a way to try this out?

  9. That was so much fun! I was going to say, I would love to hear the audio file with two voices reading it--but it sounds like Renee has made an even better offer. ;)

  10. Amy,
    The words in this poem are fun to read. I can't wait to share this poem with my students. There is something to be said for a love of words. I just came from Renee LaTulippe's blog where Deborah Diesen is talking about words. Funny how conversations weave a common thread across the virtual world.


  11. Nice, Amy. Your poem reminds me of "Click Beetle" by Mary Ann Hoberman. I love the rhymes in your poem and the way it flows when you read it

  12. Love the words and would love to see a video!!! Go Renee and Amy!