Monday, May 7, 2012

Elephant Toenails & Sleepwriting

by Amy LV

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Students - I wrote this poem while half-asleep.  It was bedtime (past bedtime) and I had not yet written for the day.  I told myself, "Just get something started!"  And most of this poem is what poured out.  Why on earth?

Sometimes you'll never know.

For a couple of days afterward, I continued to tinker with the words and lines, and then I began to worry that elephants do not even HAVE toenails.  Worse yet, I worried that elephants might not even have TOES! But I knew I'd seen those lemon-slice-sized-half-moons on elephant feet, so I figured they must. I looked it up and found this very detailed article and set of pictures of elephant foot anatomy.  Phew.

The moral of the story is this: try writing while you are half-asleep.  Try it in the evening.  Try it in the morning.  Let your brain work in its foggy state.  Turn off the wide-awake-censor who likes to say, "That's ridiculous!  Don't write that!" and you may discover fresh - or even strange - ideas.  You, too, may find that you have a fancy elephant somewhere in your mind.

And now...for elephant toenail jokes!  I found these at WikiAnswers and felt relieved that my own elephant will be able to hide in a jellybean jar.

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  1. Amy, the article about the elephant's toenails is really interesting! Amazing how much adaptation has happened so it can support its weight! And this is such a fun poem, and clearly a surprise to see one about painting one's elephant's toenails. Very cute. Thanks for the 'just get something down' advice.

  2. HA! Welcome back, Amy. :) I love it when weird stuff like this comes out. Happened to me the other day with an acrostic for PENGUIN, and then while totally bored/annoyed in chorus rehearsal, something came out about "The Bitter Snits"...still under development.

    Your elephant has lots of style, indeed. :)

  3. I keep my phone by my bed. My mind seems to come alive right before I fall to sleep, so I email lines to myself. The next morning I am usually so excited that I didn't let these great lines go to sleep with me! Then I may never have them again. I love your Elephant poem...very funny!