Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Listening to Spiders - Conversations

by Amy LV

Students - I am a mom.  So sometimes I think about mom things.  And one thing that moms do is teach their little (or not so little) ones about how to learn and make and do.  For this poem, I imagined a mama spider, and I thought about what this mama spider might wish to teach her little spider.  To spin, of course!

Today's poem is a conversation between two creatures.  The first stanza is the mother spider's voice, and the second stanza is the child spider's voice.  If you read this poem out loud, I suggest that you read with a friend and try it out in different voices.  Poems should be read out loud!  Let your voices fill the air!

And after your voices have filled the might decide to write a conversation poem of your own.  Just imagine two people or creatures and what they may say to each other.  Then, as you write, pretend that you are each one of those creatures.  You might want to write the two voices in different colors or if you are typing, you may wish to write one voice in italics as I did with the child spider's voice here.

Oh, how I love pretending to be something else!  Don't you?

This week at Sharing Our Notebooks, I welcome Kami Kinard, my friend and roommate from the Highlights Foundation Workshop we both took with Rebecca Kai Dotlich back in 2001.  Come and peek into Kami's notebooks through the years, and don't miss the chance to win that beautiful red journal!

Thank you to all of you who are following this blog.  We reached 200 followers yesterday, and I am grateful to you as this helps me keep in touch and also demonstrates to publishers that real people read my posts.

Happy news!  My first book, FOREST HAS A SONG (Clarion), just got a publication date.  March we come!

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  1. Ha! I love the humor here--and I love poems for two voices. What a simple way for two kids to start performing poems.

  2. Love that 'we'll have a little dinner'. Nothing like a tasty reward for doing good work! Amy, you so often find new ways to look at things, such a gift! And congrats on your book date. Nice to think about!

  3. Congrats on the publication date! Woo-hoo! And love the spidery poem - I've been on a spider kick of late.

  4. Very nice poem. March 19...How exciting!