Friday, November 16, 2012

I'll Las Vegas for NCTE12

I'll Never Have a Lion for a Pet
Photo by Amy LV

Click the arrow to hear me read this poem to you.

Students - Today's poem started in a funny way.  The other day I got thinking about knitting a sweater for a starfish and how difficult it would be for a starfish to wear a sweater.  How would she put it on?  This is a funny problem, and one I will never solve.  That whole idea made me think about the many things that I will never do, and the result is this list poem.  (Tip: Hang onto those funny thoughts that cross your mind.  You never know when you will need them!)

Today's poem is dedicated to Moira and her classmates in Ann Marie Corgill's second grade class at Cherokee Bend Elementary School in Mountain Brook, Alabama.  Yesterday, Moira posted a beautiful poem about her class to her Kidblog, celebrating their caring and loving community.  Ann Marie is my roommate this week at NCTE, and I was lucky enough to hear her read Moira's poem.  When I realized that my poem was about friendship, I knew it was for "the Corgill kids."

Ann Marie Corgill is the author of one of my favorite professional books, OF PRIMARY IMPORTANCE.  If you are a primary teacher, you will not want to miss this gem!

Book Cover

Keep watching this space for poetry by Moira and her classmates.  Soon they will write a Poetry Peek for The Poem Farm, and I am already looking forward to that day.

Greetings from NCTE12!  It is such fun to be here in Las Vegas this week, learning from inspiring and wise souls.  Last evening, Natalie Merchant serenaded us with her beautiful album, LEAVE YOUR SLEEP, classic children's poems set to music.  It was simply enchanting, and I highly recommend the CD.  You can check out the book trailer below.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this one - it just came out a couple of days ago...

In case you did not see it on The Poem Farm Facebook page, Kate Messner and Joanne Levy are coordinating KidLitCares, a relief effort for victims of Hurricane Sandy, and I have offered two books and a Skype visit as an auction item.  Please visit here for my offering and here for all of the offerings, from Skype visits to signed books to manuscript critiques.  All money goes to help those who need a little assistance in the wake of Sandy.

It is an honor to be a peanut-butter-loving-visitor to Jama Rattigan's blog today, Jama's Alphabet Soup.  Today I join Irene Latham, Douglas Florian, and Charles Waters in sharing a peanut butter poem for National Peanut Butter Month.   My poem, is about something else I'll never do, and it is perfect for this week. I packed peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam into my suitcase for breakfasts in Vegas!

I am still away...working on a new project this month, but I have truly missed Poetry Friday, so I will try to continue Friday posts.

Anastasia is hosting today's Poetry Friday over at Booktalking.  Visit her space to find out about everything happening around poetry town this week.

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  1. Hope you have a great time at NCTE! One of the teachers from our school is there.

  2. So simple, but so touching - kids'll love it!

  3. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time at NCTE! Thanks for sharing the video and for your wonderful list poem -- and of course thanks again for your PB poem! Love how your mind works -- sweater for a starfish and jellyfish sandwiches :).

  4. Thanks for joining the round-up today! Have fun at NCTE!

  5. Love seeing about friendship, Amy-have more fun!

  6. You are such a good friend to your friends. I love this poem and I loved your peanut butter (yum) poem over at Jama's.

    Wish I was at NCTE too!

  7. So excited I got to meet you today! In my current session I just learned about cell phone poems. I'll have to come back and share it with you. Kim in Maine

  8. Love how you caught my attention with whimsy, then turned the ending into a wonderful truth about friendship.

    Thanks for sharing the book trailer. Never mind the kids, I want one of those duos!

    Violet N.

  9. I love how random little thoughts are what provoked a very thoughtful poem. I think so many kids will love this and will be reminded not to discard those random little ideas like knitting for a starfish. I know it was a reminder to me!

  10. Love it that you used the MGM lion!!

    It was SOOooo great to spend time with you this weekend! (heard you and Ann Marie and Franki spent some time on the machines...and I'm not talking about the treadmills on the 4th floor!)

  11. Sorry I missed seeing you at NCTE this year. Hope to see you in Boston next fall!