Saturday, November 24, 2012

What do the Fish Think?

Fish Tank
by Georgia LV

Click the arrow to hear me read this poem to you.

Students - Waiting in the doctor's waiting room the other day, I kept looking at the aquarium.  It was late at night, but their tank light made it seem bright as day underwater.  I could not help wondering what the fish were thinking, wondering if they were looking at me.  I am actually still wondering about this.

You will notice that this poem does not rhyme.  It's just a little collection of thoughts in three stanzas, from the point of view of fishes. Poets call this kind of poem a mask poem, or persona poem, because when I wrote it, it was as if I was wearing the mask of fish and speaking as I imagine they might speak.  You can find many more mask poems like this one (several rhyme) under the tab above, POEMS BY TECHNIQUE.  Just look under "mask poems."

When you walk around and do the normal things of your life, try wondering what different animals and objects may be thinking.  Do we know the real thoughts of hawks and spoons?  Of course not! But we can imagine all we wish....

I plan to return to a more regular schedule here soon, hopefully next week!

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  1. Love the poem and loved being able to hear you read it!


  3. So funny! I was at the dentist yesterday thinking he really ought to get rid of the aquarium because the fish look sad! They don't have enough things to play with, and I worry they are neglected. Your poem is simple and lovely - and aren't mask poems so much fun?

  4. Always nice to see the other perspective Amy- & I'll be happy to use this as a great example when I might need it. Thanks for a fun poem.