Friday, August 30, 2013

Early This Morning - City Free Verse

Sidewalk Garden - Upper East Side of NYC
Photo by Amy LV

(I will add audio to this poem when I return home!)

Students - I am still in New York City, and there are so many beautiful and exciting things to see and think about.  I am once again reminded of the time I lived here, one part of the kaleidoscope of people living so many different and interesting lives.  

The picture of roses for sale on the streets of New York City is one of my favorite images, and each time I visit New York and pass these sidewalk gardens, my gaze lingers longer. We all have favorite images, and one of the grand things about writing is that it allows us to revisit those scenes and places and pictures again and different ways.  Here is a roses-in-NYC-poem I wrote back in 2010.

This is a free verse poem, and the last part was the most difficult part for me to write.  I fell asleep trying to think of that line, took a shower trying to think of that line, stared out of the window trying to think of that line.  I am still not sure it will stay, but for will do.

One of Several Pages of Draft
Photo by Amy LV

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  1. I love the invisible connection between the flower seller and the flower receivers.

  2. A lovely poem -- with a beautiful, uplifting last line :)!

  3. I love telling my students that writing can 'capture' things, sometimes better than a photo, and you just showed that Amy. Lovely image, and "singing a note of joy into each bouquet" is also lovely! I hope your mother is recuperating well!

  4. I love your last line, Amy! and the back and forth between the flower seller and receivers. FLowers bring such joy!

  5. I love the image of people all over the city lifting "roses to their faces smelling and smiling." It makes me wish I'd stopped and bought a bouquet on my way home this afternoon! Enjoy your visit to the city.

  6. I love that note of joy the seller includes in each bouquet!

  7. Beautiful! I love glimpses of nature in the city!