Friday, September 6, 2013

Hermit Crab - Mask Poems

Looking for a Home
by Amy LV

(Click the arrow to hear me read this poem to you.)

Students - This is a mask poem, a poem written in the voice of something else - a hermit crab.  Our children had hermit crabs as pets for a time, and Georgia's first grade teacher kept a hermit crab as a class pet. I will never forget how Mrs. Kellner invited the children to write poems for Gus when he died partway through the school year.

It's neat to pretend to be something else, and mask poems are one of my favorite kinds of poems to write.  You can find more mask poems - and other types of poems - here at the FIND A POEM section of The Poem Farm.

Pianist Daniel Bailey opens his music notebooks for us this week over at my other blog, Sharing Our Notebooks.  Stop on by, peek at Dan's music, and listen to him play.  You may even win a music notebook of your own!  If you're interested in keeping a notebook or teaching students about notebooks, this blog is getting fuller and richer by the week.

Laura Shovan is our host of today's Poetry Friday round up.  Visit Author Amok to join the festivities and read about what is happening in the our poetry community this week.

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  1. Love the poem, Amy - especially the last 2 lines. They're almost a poem unto themselves.

  2. Hi, Amy. We had a bad experience with hermit crabs when we were first married. A science fact to add: hermit crabs really are hermits and should not live with friends/lunch.

  3. I'm saving this poem to share with my kids one Poetry Thursday, Amy - you captured the hermit-ness of the hermit crab perfectly.

  4. What I love about your poetry, over and over is how the rhymes are never forced. They always fit and the rhythm, too. I, too, love this poem and so will kids. We are lucky to have you writing so many terrific poems, Amy.

  5. Love the poem! I want to learn more about crab farming as pet.

  6. Amy - love it! Favorite line:

    You would too if you were goo

    By the way, I have started my poetry blog but I didn't post this time around.

  7. Lovely, Amy especially the last line. If your name wasn't on it I'd still know you wrote it. I love that about your poems.

  8. Yeah, I can sympathize. I feel like goo sometimes. Nice poem!

  9. "Dinner out is dangerous."


    (my captcha is aquamea !!)

  10. Oh, ths s one of my all-time faves! Love scurry-scuttle!

  11. how fun! I was just reading about hermit crabs.

  12. Nice poem, i am singing this like such, we growing"