Monday, September 9, 2013

Water Wonders with Wonderopolis

Wondrous Jerusalem Artichokes
by Georgia LV

Students - This is a poem I wrote for Wonderopolis, one of my favorite websites. I have been lucky enough to be a part of a Wonderopolis post (the Try It Out section of Wonder #575 "What is a Poetry Slam?") and also part of a WonderChat on Twitter.  Today's poem will be part of a new FAMILY GUIDE TO WONDER which will be a fantastic resource for parents and all kinds of family members looking for neat ways to learn and spend time together.

You'll notice that this poem is a list poem.  I've been thinking about wonders and wondering poems for some time, and then, "Poof!" one day this first line popped into my head.  The rest of the poem just followed right along, like wordy ducks in a row.  Sometimes writing is like that.  You just let something roll around in your head and heart for a long time, and then a good line comes out and takes you by surprise.

There was one glitch in writing this verse: choosing a last line was really tricky.  I kept wavering between "Wallow in wonder/wherever you go" and "Let wonder enchant you/wherever you go".  For now I have settled on wallowing because that word is just plain fun to say along with all of the other 'w's in this poem.

Last lines are important.  Pay attention to your parting words in a poem.  They matter.

Today is Monday, and school is back in session 'round these parts of Western New York. This means I will be back to posting twice each week, on Mondays and Fridays.  I welcome you to join me for poems, poem ideas, and sharing your own poems if you wish.

Happy fall!

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  1. What a wonderful wonder poem! I love Wonderopolis and want to find ways to use it more in the classroom. Ideas?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Too many funny errors-darn that auto-correct! Georgia, I love the photo-didn't know that Jerusalem artichokes could look so pretty! And Amy, love that you chose "wallow in wonder", a word that just makes me laugh at the vision of a pool full of words I can jump in to & wallow! And "wordy ducks in a row"-also great. Thanks and congratulations on being part of Wonderopolis, a wonder-ful place.

  4. Thank you for this poem, Amy.

    "The more you ask, the more you know."

    Simple. Profound. Simply poetic.
    Should be posted to the entrance
    of every classroom in the world.