Friday, April 25, 2014

Duck and Doll - Poem #25 for April 2014 Poetry Project

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Duck and Doll
Photo by Amy LV

Students - I have been thinking about this photo for a while, wondering if it would speak a poem this month.  Yesterday, even though this was not my first choice of photo to write about, it is the photo that chose itself for today.  We must listen to the ideas that wish to be written.

Today's poem is may feel a little sad.  And this may be because this week had some sad parts in it.  Our family is fine, but a friend lost a very important loved one, and our concern for others often finds its way into our words.  Life throws surprises sometimes, even for ducks and dolls.  But it is always love that matters.  Even if Duck and Doll go to different homes, they will always have loved.

Today, day 20, is a free verse day, just as #5 - Clock#10 - Dancing Shoes#15 - Two Couches, and #20 - Record were free verse days.  Today's poem, however, does rhyme the ending.  I just could not help that.

If you wish, you may take a peek at my writing and scribbles below.

Duck and Doll - Draft Page Spread #1
Photo by Amy LV

Yesterday I had the good fortune to visit Susan Kellner's joyful first grade class at Harold O. Brumsted Elementary in Holland, NY for Poem in Your Pocket Day, and today I celebrate it all over again (yay!) with the primary students at Northwood Elementary in Hilton, NY.  I think I may need to make a pocket coat, something I just learned about from a new favorite mentor, Olga McLaren.

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  1. Sigh. Both your poem and your photo make me happy. Mine are not the only dolls and stuffed animals that have a rich inner life after all. Good to know.

  2. A bit bittersweet today, Amy. That's important and real to share, too.

    Have fun with your friends at Northwood!

  3. Yes, I would pretend it's true. Loved Duck and Doll!

  4. Like B.j. I would pretend it's true, too. I don't like seeing the animals at thrift stores, want to buy them all! Beautiful story telling, Amy. I'm sorry about your friend.

  5. This is sweet and touching--as is the photo. I'm really enjoying these poems of cast-off things, Amy!

    Violet N.

  6. Amy,
    I liked the use of buy and by. This poem reminded me of two former co-workers who retired at the same time from the front office of a school. One used to say to the other, "When you decide to retire, I'm going too." And she did.

  7. Oh wow, they even look alike. Beautiful! :)