Saturday, April 26, 2014

Violin - Poem #26 for April 2014 Poetry Project

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Photo by Amy LV

Students - I fell in love with this old violin yesterday. If only it could talk!  If only it could sing!  Just imagine the songs this violin must know.  It may be difficult for you to see in this photograph, but it is a very old violin.  When I held the case, I felt like I was going back in time.

Every line of today's poem has eight syllables except for one of them.  Can you find it?

Here is some of my work on this poem.  I would say that half of the work, though, happened on the computer today. Sometimes a change of longhand to keyboard helps me out a wee bit, and today was one of those days.

Violin - Draft Page Spread #1
Photo by Amy LV

Today, I offer a giveaway of two books here: one copy of THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY FOR SCIENCE compiled by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong and one copy of my own FOREST HAS A SONG. Each Saturday of April, I have offered this same giveaway here, for eight books in all.  Thank you to Sylvia and Janet for your generosity.  Please leave a comment below, and I will draw two names next Tuesday evening to be announced on April 30, the last day of this project.

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  1. My grandmother played the violin. I never heard her play, but my mother kept the violin in the closet in hopes that someday someone would play it. I remember feeling this way, that the violin knew her shoulder and her music, and I never would. I think I hear a response poem coming.
    I already have a copy of Forest signed by you, so only put my name in the hat for the anthology (which I would love, btw.)

  2. Amy,
    Like Margaret, I can imagine more poems based on this one photo. A poem about a songs trapped within, a poem about the missing strings, a list poem of all the songs it played, etc.

    I especially liked the first two lines of this poem.

  3. Another beautiful poem. I love the image of the violin holding every song ever played within.

  4. Amy,
    Loved this, "still carries melodies within." Wouldn't you love to know the stories of these old violins? The hours someone spent practicing, the songs performed, the moments of frustrations, and all that must hide inside. I would imagine they do save "every song" and every story. If only we could hear them.


  5. I read this while visiting family. I have many gifted musician friends and a father who was a revered teacher/musician. So your poem spoke to me on many, many levels. All the songs, it holds. Touching and lovely. Really lovely.
    Janet F.