Friday, June 26, 2015

Finding and Keeping Delight - Free Verse in Nature

Spotted Charm
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Lately, I have been recording more of my everyday delights and moments-to-be-grateful-for in my notebook.  And this week, finding a woodpecker feather was a highlight.  I had brought my recycling out to the roadside, and when I looked down...there it was.  Delight!  There is something magical in finding a surprise, and magic is always worth writing about.  You might wish to make a list of things that you have found in your notebook.  There will likely be some fine writing ideas hidden (or jumping out at you) there.

Today's poem is a free verse poem following no particular pattern or rhyme scheme.  You may have noticed, though, that there is one rhyme at the end. Sometimes I like writing without rhyme but for a bit of a twist at the end.

This month's posts have all celebrated the small goodnesses in nature.  From June 5th's Apology to a wood thrush to June 12's celebration of weeds to June 19th's Bottles to today's poem, I have been once more falling in love with the world outside.  I wonder what July will bring.  May it bring you many charms and delights, spotted and otherwise!

Carol is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Carol's Corner.  Join her for a post full of rain, Billy Collins goodness, and so many fabulous links of poetry loving friends.

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  1. I love the little surprise rhyme at the end. Lovely poem!

  2. Amy- I love the opening of this poem, and imagining a lost and found table in nature. I know I will think of this line every time I rearrange the lost and found table at school, which I do on a pretty regular basis! And the last three lines. Perfect. And just the general grateful tone. Gorgeous! I hope this one will show up in a book some day. It almost feels like the book could be called FINDERS, KEEPERS (is it overbearing to suggest a title or theme? If so, I'm really sorry! I didn't meant to be). I could see the book including this poem and the bottle one from last week. I would buy it!

  3. We have two cardinal feathers on the outdoor window sill of the front porch window -- gifts to us from the birds and the universe. Guess I need to write a poem about them...


  4. The goodness of nature in the gift of a feather. I should write one about the cicada shell clinging to my outside wall or the hawk screech or the sweep of sun along the bayou. Nature is such a rich and wonderful muse!

  5. Like Carol, I love the use of the lost and found table. I also like "Finders Keepers." Very child-like. I have never found cardinal or woodpecker feathers--mostly hawk and crow feathers. Thanks for another poem in nature's delight collection.