Friday, July 3, 2015

Tiny Artwork Everywhere! Just Look Around!

Tiny Artwork
Photo by Amy LV

Students - This morning, I went outside to write.  We have had many days of rain in a row, and so it was a treat to sit outside and feel sun on my shoulders. Writing was a little bit tricky because our cats all wanted cuddling, and Pickles kept on rubbing her head against me, begging for attention.  I petted her a bit...but then it was back to writing.

When I looked out across the lawn, I saw the spider web that you see above, just twinkling in the morning light.  It asked me to write about it, and so I did.  As I wrote, I loved the idea of Spider and Dew working together to make something so lovely, a tiny artwork that brightened my day from the very start.

Pay attention to what sits at your feet, flies in your sky, comes across your path. Sometimes it might feel to you as if an idea is saying, "Write about me!"  Always listen.

If you are curious about spiders, as I am, you can learn more about them at Wonderopolis:

Donna is hosting today's Poetry Friday party over at Mainely Write.  Visit her place to celebrate poems and poetry with friends old and new.

I wish you the eyes to find tiny artworks in your life all week, all life long!  Keep a list...who knows what it any one idea will become?

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  1. A perfect gem of a poem!!

  2. Your poem is also a dew-embroidered marvel. Lovely, Amy!

  3. I just love how the speaker thanks both spider AND dew, acknowledging that it was a team effort! Enjoyed it.

  4. Such a perfect snapshot of a magical moment!

  5. Oh, I loved the photo, and the poem. Great teamwork from that spider and dew! Well, crafted spider, dew and you!

  6. Amy,
    Looking for Tiny Art is a great summer project. Maybe you could add it to your Summer Notebook suggestions.

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  8. Noticing and taking note, the job of a true poet. Love this image and the personification of the dew and spider. Favorite word...water-glass.

  9. "Blade to blade of grass" --- I can just see it. I love the idea of spider and dew working together as if to keep us entertained if we take the time to notice. (Really liked your links to Wonderopolis.)

  10. Mmmmmmm.... Reveling in how your response to this natural beauty is gratitude. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Spider and Dew too!

  11. Great poem and photo, Amy! <3 paying attention with gratitude
    The dew reminds me of lily pads we saw yesterday when we were on a walk -- the beads of water on top looked almost like little mirrors.

  12. Love this poem and your invitations to write! Hopefully I'll post to sharing our notebooks soon. So many opportunities, never enough time.


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