Friday, April 17, 2020

17 - Poems Can Include Sound Words (Onomatopoeia)

Last week's winner of  my book POEMS ARE TEACHERS is...Holly Thompson!
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Thank you, Heinemann!

Welcome to my 2020 National Poetry Month Project
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Each day of April 2020, I will share three things:
  • A dice roll of three word dice
  • A video explaining one poetic technique titled POEMS CAN... You can also find these at Sharing Our Notebooks as part of my ongoing Keeping a Notebook project
  • A poem inspired by one or more of the dice words and the technique

Here are All of This Month's Poems:

And now, for today's words! 

Day 17 Words
Photo by Amy LV

Thank you to Heinemann for giving away a copy of my book POEMS ARE TEACHERS: HOW STUDYING POETRY STRENGTHENS WRITING IN ALL GENRES each week of April. I will draw names from the previous week each Thursday evening at 11:59pm, and I will announce a winner each Friday. Please leave a way to contact you in your comment as if I cannot contact you easily, I will choose a different name. This week's winner is named atop the post.

If you would like to learn more about other National Poetry Month projects happening throughout the Kidlitosphere, Jama has rounded up many NPM happenings over at Jama's Alphabet Soup.  Happy National Poetry Month 2020.

Molly is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Nix the Comfort Zone with a gorgeous celebration of homemade bread and homemade poetry. As for Poetry Friday, we invite everybody to join in each Friday as we share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship. Check out my left sidebar to learn where to find this poetry goodness each week of the year.


Photo by Amy LV

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  1. There's only one word for this....DELIGHTFUL!

  2. Another wonderful video chat. On Fb they give badges if you become a "big fan" or some such thing. Not being into things like badges I generally never bother, but I have been watching Taylor Mali (the poet) and my friend (and now we know cousin of both my husband ! and me! VERY DISTANTLY related, 1pm live on fb but you can find his videos from Instagram and maybe also from Twitter. He is posting daily including weekends while he and his family are social distancing at his family's longtime vacation place in Connecticut. It is a pleasure. I am going to share this with him. Have been meaning to mention your use of Metaphor Dice. I have quite a few sets, expansion sets and was a backer for his kickstarter, hence an easy way to connect. All of course thanks to our friend Paul Hankins....who showed those. I did, though, get to have breakfast with Taylor once at a state conference (NYSEC) by happenstance where he was the keynote and also did a workshop. So a longtime fan as well. Happy day. The world is good in so many ways especially connected to poetry.

  3. How I love the surprise of the last line! And I have a vision of tiny furred pink "hands" holding the nut bread to a tiny whiskered mouth...

    Fran Haley -

  4. One of the fun things I do with my students is teach them how to spell onomatopoeia by saying it in thirds. Seeing your poem here and thinking about how my students and I would have read it together and learned how to spell onomatopoeia together kind of makes me sad. I love that you are reaching out to kids at home with your videos. I hope they are watching.

    1. I teach my kids in song too, Margaret. But it is to Old McDonald. That is always such a fun day because it gets stuck in their heads!

    2. I would love to hear your three parts, Margaret. Trying to figure it out. I recall teaching some spelling words with songs and twists. Creativity is key to enjoying teaching, I think....along with a few other things. I can't imagine how much I would be missing my class. I would be calling them on the phone by now! (In days of old the only way.) Janet F.

  5. I followed a trail to find you here.
    I was searching for inspiration.
    Something more that I could give them
    While we're stuck at home,
    Gilded prison though it is.
    I knew that I needed to grow their hearts,
    Not just their minds.
    I was searching for beauty
    When I saw your trailhead
    And followed to the garden
    You've grown here.
    Thank you.
    I think I'll wander a bit.
    You can teach me how
    To teach them how
    To know
    That when you have sufficiently grown
    Your heart,
    You'll always be free.

    1. Jessica. Thank you for these kind kind words. I am printing this and keeping it in my notebook. Those last few lines took my breath away. xxxx

  6. Ah, thanks for introducing Antoinette and Glorious, how grand to meet them, and hear the "drip drip drip
    drop drop drop" rising from their burrow. Lovely post and poem, thanks Amy, xo

  7. I totally did not do April as poetry month because e learning just took my breath away. However, I'm rounding up lots of ideas for May. Thanks for the inspiration, ideas, and plain old professional development for me, the 6th grade teacher. jlubecker at (@) gmail

  8. A truly delightful poem, Amy! As I read about Little Mouse and her friend I was listening to the rain dripping on the roof outside my window. What a perfect soundtrack!

  9. I love that you're offering so much to teachers & students this April, Amy, & today, I love "Rainy memories fall for hours." Just like our snowy day the other day, staying in means dreaming of other days like that one, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I absolutely love "Rainy memories fall for hours" and the cozy, companionable feel of that underground burrow. Your April projects are always a delight!

  11. So much fun! Those rainy memories...yes, rain makes me feel reflective, like snow does. Sunny days feel emptier to me somehow. Thanks for this, Amy!

  12. Delightful poem--love that drip drop.

  13. I love your Poetry month projects so much-they are inspiring! And I concur, "Rainy memories fall for hours" is lovely and conjures up such cozy images, amid April showers. Thanks for sharing with all of us during these challenging, at-home times when we all miss our students so much...your poems bring my heart joy and inspire me to share them with others and continue to spread and teach poetry love with my young students!!

  14. I like this idea, and I have the haiku words in a game so I will try this. Your teaching video sharing process is wonderful. Lucky students!

  15. I love watching your videos, makes me feel like we're sitting side by side. And it I loved seeing how you took notes on the words before getting around to writing the poem. Love the sense of quiet you created as the creatures listen. Keep sharing, Amy!