Friday, July 9, 2021

What Did You Find?

Hello again, my dear friends. I have been away for a long time, and I am grateful to return. I know that this community of generous writers and sharers has been here all along, making the world kinder and wiser through words, and it feels good to be back. I rejoin today with a poem about finding things and feelings.

Robin Eggs
Photo by Mark VanDerwater

Students - As is often the case, when I began to write today's poem, I did not know what I would write about. I waited. (The ideas do come, you know. They sneak up on you.) When I look back, however, I understand that this poem grew from gathered images I have held without realizing. Earlier this spring, my friend Christian told me stories about the robin family living in her garage. Later this spring, I found half of a robin egg at a park. Earlier this week, my husband shared the above photo with me, taken outside of his parents' garage. 

Summer is fantastic for finding, and you can always write a poem about something you find. If you would like to write a poem similar to this one, just write two stanzas: the first stanza describing what you found and the second stanza telling your feelings and emotions around it.

Margaret is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Reflections on the Teche with an original list poem titled "Eight Reasons to Take a Walk on a Sunday Morning." All are welcome each Friday as folks share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship. 

I wish you joy!

Please share a comment below if you wish. 


  1. It seems like a number of us have been absent for an extended period - and are today easing back (or maybe more like leaping in and embracing) Poetry Friday. So good to see you again, Amy. I love how robins' eggs match the wide unbroken sky so chicks won't be scared to fly.💙

  2. I tried to comment yesterday but today I am linking through the email from your blog and it seems to be allowing it. Ugh, technology! I'm so glad you are back. I've missed your voice. I love this little poem that is so You! Finding wisdom in the small things of nature.

  3. Well hello again, friend! Glad you're back. (You were never really gone, though. You live in our hearts!)

    I love thinking about all the things that can make us brave. Just recently irritation-bordering-on-anger made me brave enough to try again and do better.

  4. Amy, hello! I've been coming to Poetry Friday for a couple months while you were a way. It's great to meet you here again. I have been to the poem farm a few times over the years.

    Your robin poem is just filling my bucket today and making me feel brave. I just have to remember that bit of blue shell. It's been a long time since I've seen a robin and her egg. I love the idea of the mama bird matching the sky with her shells. Beautiful.

  5. It was so wonderful to see a notice from The Poem Farm in my email this morning! And just like that, you inspired me. I've been trying to rework a picture book manuscript with a different structure. It's about a young child who finds treasures in her yard and repurposes them. Thanks to you, I think I'm on to something. Thank you, Amy!

  6. Hi Amy, We've never met, but I have followed your beautiful work for many years. You are a gift. I'm thankful for you and your lovely poems.

  7. This seems to be a time for many of us to return after long absences. In taking a step back to my friends in the writing community, I started with a visit to your blog. Your perfectly-crafted poem speaks to the child inside of me. Thank you.

  8. Hi Amy, I discovered Poetry Farm during Covid - what treasure it is. Happy to see you here in Poetry Friday.

  9. I have missed you and am THRILLED you are back. I have just completed a new book called Poetry Power - a book for elementary teachers on teaching poetry. I have listed many of your poetry books as resources in my book! Love your work and your blog. Thank you!

  10. AAAAAAmyyyyyyy!!! I almost missed your post this week and my chance to welcome you back. What a lovely blue-sky poem--I've been surprised to continue seeing robin's eggshells on the ground. Did you notice that you didn't post the text of the poem as usual? It might be deliberate or it might be "how do I do this thing called blogging, again?" 😊

  11. Welcome home! I have missed you and I am so happy you are back. Your words are a gift!